Alternative options to widening the Marton Crawl funnel (Dixons Bank/Stainton Way)

These examples are based on residents views and survey results, they are in no particular order of merit.

Middlesbrough Council should work constructively with local residents


Example 1 - reducing left-turn traffic on Dixons Bank

This option has a number of advantages over the current proposal (assuming there is any benefit in providing additional left-turn capacity (which has yet to be demonstrated). Left-turn   traffic   at   the   south   end   of   Dixons   Bank   could   turn at   the   new   cross-roads   and   join   Stainton   Way   west   of   the existing   junction   without   queuing   down   Dixons   Bank.   The Fairway   and   Fulford   Way   would   need   connecting   at   the   two roundabouts   by   a   short   length   of   new   road   to   avoid   using Turnberry Way. The   difficult   Brass   Castle   lane   junction   would   become   part   of the   traffic   light   controlled   cross-roads.   This   would   improve road safety. Construction   work   would   have   limited   impact   on   traffic   flows down    Dixons    Bank    avoiding    many    months    of    commuter misery.  

Example 2 - Ormesby Bank A171 - A174 west access slip-roads 

Construction   of   these   slip   roads   is   just   plain   common-sense.   How many   dual   carriageway   roads   do   you   know   where   you   can   only   get on   and   off   them   going   in   one   direction?   It   makes   even   more   sense given    that    Middlesbrough    Council    stood    by,    while    Redcar    & Cleveland    Council    granted    planning    permission    on    the    land    at Swans    Corner,    Nunthorpe,    blocking    forever    the    planned    access point    for    the    Eastern    By-pass    (which    should    have    been    built decades ago).

Example 3 - reduction of evening queuing east on Stainton


The   proposal   to   extend   the   Stainton   Way   carriageway   east   is   to provide    better    access    to    the    junction    during    the    evening    peak traffic   as   the   traffic   waiting   to   turn   right   (south)   blocks   the   traffic wanting    to    head    east    or    north.    However,    this    could    be    simply achieved   by   sequencing   the   traffic   lights   to   allow   the   waiting   right- turn   traffic   to   clear   the   junction   first.   Also,   given   the   much   lighter traffic   heading   west   during   the   evening   peak,   smart   traffic   lights could   also   allow   additional   right-turn   time   in   parallel   with   some   of the easterly flow before then allowing combined east-west flow.

Example 4 - intelligent traffic control

The   true   intent   of   the   proposal   is   to   reduce   the   amount   of   traffic using   the   A172   and   Marton   Road   in/out   of   Middlesbrough   as   this road   is   choked   to   capacity   during   peak   times   of   the   day.   However, as   most   commuters   use   this   route   out   of   necessity,   the   traffic   flow could    be    improved    through    the    provision    of    intelligent    traffic control;    alternative    transport    and    perhaps    reducing    peak    traffic through       the       encouraging       flexible       start/finish       times       for businesses/hospital/schools.



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Alternative options These options are some ideas from residents and past proposals. They have not necessarily been researched in detail but show that there are alternatives to sending ever more traffic down the Marton Crawl.