Middlesbrough Council should work constructively with local residents

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Dixons Bank  - a tree lined attractive approach to Marton The scheme widens the carriageway to add a northbound slip road west to ‘encourage’ commuters to turn left at the lights rather than continue north to the hospital or Middlesbrough. . The scheme would require the removal of almost all the trees on the east side of the road. Trees that were required to be planted by the developer as traffic screening for the original housing estates.
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Failure to consult affected residents

In    September    2017,    seven    residents    with drives   that   opened   onto   Dixons   Bank   were notified    formally    and    consulted    over    the proposal   to   add   extra   lanes   to   Dixons   Bank and   Stainton   Way   at   the   approaches   north and   east   of   the   junction.   They   all   rejected the   proposal.   The   Council   did   not   consider the   residents   who   back   onto   the   roads   or the      local      Parish      Councils      worthy      of consultation   (it   is   not   a   legal   requirement to     consult,     but     is     a     recognised     good practice)   so   the   first   thing   they   might   have known    about    the    proposal    would    have been        the        commencement        of        the roadworks.    After    some    strong    challenges and   complaints   the   Council   have   agreed   to extend     the     consultation     and     formally consult     82     residents.     However,     as     of 17/12/17,    no    letters    have    been    received from   the   council   -   I   guess   hanging   on   until Christmas   to   minimise   the   time   residents have to complete their responses.
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Community Council Meetings

As    a    follow    up    to    the    initial    complaints over    the    failure    to    consult,    the    Council sent     the     Principal     Transport     Planning Officer   to   field   (non-political)   questions   at council   meeting   held   by   Marton   West,   East &   Nunthorpe.   While   these   meetings   gave residents    some    answers,    they    have    not answered   the   overriding   question   of   why the   council   transport   planners   think   this proposal   will   work   -   we   are   still   waiting   for the    survey    information    and    reports    to back   up   the   scheme   proposal   -   after   all,   it is    a    lot    of    money    £1.7million    and    huge commuter disruption for an act of faith!

Middlesbrough Council Website

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On   19th   December,   the   Council   placed   on their    website    South    West    Middlesbrough Microsimulation   Model   Forecasting   Report and   Addendum,   dated   09-Dec-2016.   These reports   make   interesting   reading   as   they do   not   obviously   support   Dixons   Bank   and Stainton   Way   widening   as   the   top   priority for   alleviating   the   Marton   Crawl.   In-fact   the report   states   that   the   benefits   of   widening of   Dixons   Bank   are   nullified   by   2030   -   that doesn’t   sound   like   money   well   spent.   So the    question    is    why    are    the    Council    so keen on this scheme? On   27th   November   Middlesbrough   Council agree   to   extend   the   consultation   to   12th January     and     later,     this     was     extended further to 18th March 2018. On   10th   July   2018,   Middlesbrough   Council Executive   approve   the   A172   Dixons   Bank   / Stainton      Way      Highways      Improvement Scheme   in   its   original   form,   ignoring   every aspect of the public consultation On   12th   July   2018,   Middlesbrough   Council unveil          Nunthorpe          Grange          Farm development   -   a   further   250   properties   to be built in the area.